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Assurance Garage Door provides you with the best in residential garage door repairs. From broken garage door springs to replacing your garage door remote opener. You can count on Assurance Garage Door to be there when you need the best in quality residential services.

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Garage Door Remote Repair

Garage door remote controls are handy and for many people, they are the key that allows them to enter their homes. They cause few troubles, are easy to fix when they do, and can be replaced at little expense. But what, exactly, should you do when your remote control button fails to perform its duty?…

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Garage Door Track Repair

A garage door off track is easily one of the most frustrating problems to face when it comes to your garage. Garage door tracks help keep the door in place as it moves when you open and close it. Garage door rollers can be found on the track, helping the door run smoothly. An off-track…

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Garage Door Opener Repair & Installation

You have your beautiful, brand new garage door from Assurance Overhead Doors. So, now what? What is the next step to ensure the smooth operation and high performance of your garage door? Installing your garage door opener, of course! As the main control over the opening and closing of your garage door, your garage door…

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Garage Door Spring Repair

So, your garage door is acting up, but you aren’t sure what the problem is. Maybe the door spring is one possible culprit, but you’re not sure if that’s actually the problem or if it’s something else. In this quick list, we’ll go through the most common broken garage door spring symptoms. If your garage…

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